The Fotoholics admin team

Matt Hart

Fotoholics Director

I am the founder of Fotoholics (formerly Fujiholics) I try to be as hands on as possible, so I manage all the Social Media Channels myself with a little help form my amazing admin team.

Matt Walkley


I help the rest of the Admin team who are all superb and work really hard to maintain the high standards within the group and ensure that the group rules are followed. I also help out with the photo walks and workshops whenever possible.

Lee Glasgow


I bring very little to the Fujiholics table, but my self attention seeking ways.

Warren Millar


I’m admin on the social media sites along with some great photographers. I have held quite a number of Gig Photography workshops dating back to 2015 at The Studio, Widnes. I also held a portrait photography workshop at WEX Manchester in 2018 and try and help out at photo walks throughout the year.

Claire Armitage


I am an admin on the social media groups and worked extensively on HIPFest 2018 and 2019. I am involved in organising events and workshops and helping out with walks. I love being part of this group and all the people I have met through it.

Sean Donno


I am admin on the social media groups and help to organise the walks and the Blackpool weekender.

Andrew Williams


I am working with the rest of the admins to develop the website. Alongside this, I am working with Matt and the team to develop the marketing of Foyoholics, to ensure that we can sustain the group as it develops and grows.