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Best of Februay 2020

Each month, one of the Fotoholics admin team will select their favourite image from our social media channels and explain what makes the image stand out.

Dark by Clare Acford selected by Sean Donno

The image that I have decided to choose as my favourite from our social media channels this month, is this striking portrait shot by Clare Acford that was posted to our Fotoholics Facebook page.

# Maybe, that’s all we need,
to know that someone,
thinks we’re worth the bad times,
to know we’re set apart
from the others,
to feel a hand
reaching for us in the

(Clare Acford)

It’s a simple composition without clutter or distractions, but it’s an image packed full of emotion. But what is the emotion? And there in lies the rub!

It’s an image that will invoke different emotions for different people. To me it has a ghostly, spectre like feel to it, it’s dark and almost sinister. It reminds me of a scene from a movie where a body has been wrapped in a plastic bag or sheet! I know it’s a person, but I have so many questions. Is the person ok? Are they trapped? Are they alive? Why are they there? What is their story? I want to know more, but have to leave that to my imagination, which runs riot the more I look and try and understand it, because I don’t know the answers.

And that to me that is the real beauty of this image. It’s a wonderful clean composition, but leaves me wanting to know so much more………..

This is image is part of a series called ‘Apparition’ and there are 12 images that Clare hopes to put into a book soon.

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