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Best of January 2020

Each month, one of the Fotoholics admin team will select their favourite image from our social media channels and explain what makes the image stand out.

Amusements by Dawn Mander selected by Matt Walkley

The image that I have decided to choose as my favourite from our social media channels this month, is this wonderfull street scene shot by Dawn Mander that was posted to our Fotoholics Facebook page. I’m no expert on street or documentary photography but I will try to explain why I like it.

‘Amusements’ says it all really.

Straight away the primary colours in the image grab me. Red, Yellow and even blue is in there. The ‘Amusements’ sign self-titles the image beautifully and there are some wonderful characters all dressed up ready to hit the town. The image screams fun and mischief!

The lady in the bottom left hand corner grabs my attention with her huge smile and a look that says she’s ready to party! The bride to be, on the right side dressed in white and young girl towards the rear look slightly more worried about what lies ahead, as they probably have no idea of what is planned.

Exploring the image more, reflections in the glass of the taxi add interest including a glimpse of the photographer herself. I find myself leaning closer into the image to try and make out what all the other things are.

Dawn has done a really great job of filling the frame and using colour to strengthen the composition.

Starting from the top my eye runs from left to right reading the word AMUSEMENTS. The small area in the top right has less interest than the rest of the image but the diagonal line of lights draws my eye back in and down to the car and is in no way distracting. The girls in the taxi aren’t too close to the edge of the frame and I like the fact that the left hand window of the car is complete. It frames the girl who I would say is strongest subject in the image very nicely.

The bright red line of the taxi underlines the whole image really well and acts like a stop sign saying go back and look again! Finally, using a small aperture has ensured front to back sharpness and given the image a great feeling of depth. You can explore all the way from the paintwork of the taxi to the passengers inside and then out through the windows to the arcade behind.

A very nice image and a lot of fun.

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